Unusual Legal Questions Answered


Q: What are the types of business venture?

A: There are various types of business ventures you can explore, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and cooperatives.

Q: Is a godparent a legal guardian?

A: No, a godparent is not a legal guardian. However, they can play an important role in a child’s life by providing emotional and spiritual support.

Q: How many legal systems are there in Canada?

A: Canada has two legal systems: the common law system and the civil law system. The common law system is based on English law, while the civil law system is based on French law.

Q: Is Worldremit legal?

A: Yes, Worldremit is a legitimate and legal service for sending money online. It is regulated by various financial authorities and is considered safe and secure.

Q: How to calculate medical expenses for income tax?

A: You can calculate medical expenses for income tax by keeping track of all your medical costs, including doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and medical supplies. These expenses can be deducted from your taxable income, potentially saving you money on your taxes.

Q: This agreement is made the day of 2013. What does this mean?

A: This phrase typically appears at the beginning of legal agreements to indicate the date on which the contract is being executed. It specifies the exact day, month, and year when the agreement is coming into effect.

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