Legal Matters Rap

Yo, listen up, I got some legal tips
How to make a legal contract between two parties, no need to trip
If you want a legal counsel job in London, I got your back
Check out the requirements and get on track

Need an NZ immigration visa photo? Here’s the scoop
Gotta meet the requirements, no time to snoop
And if you’re curious about the EU law making process, let me explain
It’s a comprehensive guide, so you won’t complain

If you’re wondering about first aid in schools, I got the facts
Legal requirements and responsibilities, that’s how we act
And for you students at Baruch, here’s the core requirements you need to know
Essential courses for legal studies, so you can grow

Can a company take away your holiday pay? That’s a question on your mind
Check out the link for answers, that’s how you find
In Maryland, if you need legal aid, go to Salisbury
Free legal assistance, no need to worry

Private law examples, that’s what we’ll discuss
Understanding key legal cases, no need to fuss
And for the students studying subject-verb agreement rules, I’ve got your back
Class 10, listen up, no need to slack

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